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Universal electric generator


Good day, dear partners.

I'm Yuriy Kolesnik from Ukraine.

Now I’d like to share my invention with you. It is an electric generator

based on the asninhronous engine, which has two types of excitation.

The first one is permanent magnetic excitation and the other is electromagnetic excitation.

That is primary excitation starts in permanent magnets like in an ordinary generator.

After that the electromagnet is activated smoothly.

The Previous video caused a lot of questions and doubts about extra wires used in the device.

I’m going to shoot a video all around it , so that you make sure there are no additional wires here.

Then we’ll see how it works.

An ordinary board is used in it.

A diode bridge rectifier is fixed on a polikarbone plate.

Three diode rectifiers are for three phases, respectively. It is possible to connect one, two

or three phases of the electromagnet for the generator’s excitation.

Here you can see three bulbs of 40 vatt each. The total load capacity is 120 watts.

This is a terminal box.

Generator windings were not rewound but the connection terminals of the winding are brought out to the terminal box.

There are two connection terminals of the electromagnet which works as a principal magnet. Now we can see that there are

No extra wires connected to the generator.

I haven’t got a Glasscube like Copperfield.

So, You can check up and make sure that no additional leads or wires are seen in this device.

And now ONCE AGAIN, there are three diode bridge rectifiers on the demostratsion panel .

It’s evident that no batteries or accumulators are fixed or connected here.

Some ordinary diodes connected to make the diode bridges and then you can connect

one electromagnet with two or three phases, depending on your needs. It is a unversal generator. In what sense?

It can be used in windgenerators, mini hydrostation or internal combusion engine .

Now we'll see how it works.

The electromagnet is switched on, powered by three phases. It is rotating quite heavily, but it starts without sticking.

With increasing number of revolutions the handle gets stuck because of excess torque.

Now the connection of electricalmagnet will be changed from three to one phase. On one phase the speed is higher, the torque is less.

As you can see the heating is not full but the speed is much higher. That’s why the handle rotates a lot easier comparing

with the three phases connection.

 As you can see the generator is good to be used in reductor- free windgenerators connecting the electromagnet to three phases.

With two phases it can be used oin mini hydroelectric powerstation.

One phase of the electromagnet is enough for being used in an internal combustion engine.

This generator is 1000 rpm producing 50Hz and 220/380 volts, depending on the need. The only thing

The only condition is to bring out windings on the terminal box . I didn't make generator rewinding

since the power and windings are calculated for the electrical steel of the generator. Regular permanent magnets are used.

 I'd like to explain to all the douters how you can personally reassure in its work.

There are three ways. First if you want to buy ready made generator you can personally verify its operation.

The second is during personal training you'll get access to all of my courses - thermos insulation,

the boiler on solid fuel and this generator is no exception. And the third way is to make measuring of

technical characteristics of the generator with the corresponding documents and the schedule of

Volt ampere characteristics with tests at various speeds. I just want to tell that the power of the lathe should be at least 6 kW.

Since a large torque significantly reduces the speed.

Personally, I tested this generator on a 2kW machine at 1000r\pm. After connecting the excitation turnover fell down to 750 rpm.

High torque reduces the number of revolutions per minute. Therefore, you need a machine not less than 5 kW.

You can invite specialists for the certification of compliance of its technical characteristic

I also have the ready course with a description of each step of its self-made manufacturing.

The cost of magnets for this generator is 50 dollars. And in addition there is an installed electromagnet.

This unit was calculated as a universal generator for working with a wind generator, Mini hydro and for internal combustion engines.

What is its difference? At 1000 rpm it works quietly with economical fuel consumption, giving an estimated power of 3 kW 50Hz,

220/380 volts. It is necessary to bring out the windings to the terminal box.

Rewinding is not needed since everything is made in the factory case of the generator.

It is manufactured independently, simply enough at home by own hands.

The only condition is the milling work. My subscribers on mailing list can order a book on its production in English at a discount.

My e-mail you can see on the screen.


That's all for now. Yuri Kolesnik

May your home be warm and light .

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